Siege Tactics – Defense Guide

The Art of War

In Siege mode, you will be building decks for the AI to use to defend your hoard and you honor! However, there is much more to building up a defense lineup than to just using the best decks available. The key to Siege defense lies in the fact that you, as a defender, have complete control over the sequencing of the defense decks. This is the biggest advantage you’ll have over the attackers and the most successful defenders will the ones who master the art of adapting their defense decks depending on the “position” they are in.

Know your positions!

Before you even start to work on creating decks for your defense, you need to understand the characteristics of each positions available from first to third and what are their characteristics!

  1. The First position

    • The position that every single attackers will have to defeat, no mater what.

  2. Mawstorm
  3. Graven Geist
  4. Whatever you like! You likely won the game already!

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