A recent post on reddit about Hex’s roadmap got us thinking. Although we don’t have an official one anymore we do have a lot of information about HexEnt’s future plans scattered around. We figured that if it is a low priority for Hex right now to keep one updated, it doesn’t prevent us from keeping track of what they mention.

This achieves two goals. First, we’ll have a single stop for new players to see what is in the works and roughly when it is expected, second it will also hopefully save some time to folks who just want the TL;DR without having to keep track with all news and interviews.

I am going to go with memory for now. What would be great is to find the precise sources of all these items we can add some credibility to the exercise.


Hex Roadmap

Recurring releases

  • A new PVP Set every 4 months
    • Even set releases triggers a rotation of standard format (two oldest sets are removed from standard card pool)
    • Odd set releases triggers a gem rotation (can be anywhere from a few gems to all gems).
      • The gem rotation also affect available PVE gems
    • As long as the story arc will take place in FRA, there will be minor FRA updates with each set release | (source t.b.d.)
  • Seasonal events (will need to work on the list and dates)
  • Seasonal Events

Short Term

  • PS4 client release | Target date: 2017-10-17 | (source 2017-10-06)
  • New deck builder and revamped new player experience to PC client (same one from PS4 client) | Target date: t.b.d. (sometimes after PS4 release) | (source 2017-08-31)
  • More character slot for the campaign (8 more) | Target date: next client patch | (source 2017-09-22)

Mid Term

  • Tablet client release | Target date: end of 2017 / early 2018 | (source 2017-09-01)
  • Changing the Battleground Sealed queues to be “best of 3” | Target date: (t.b.d.) | (source 2017-06-28)

Long Term

  • Other console releases (hinted by Cory) | Target date: t.b.d. | (source 2017-09-01)
  • Auction house and social features revamp | Target date: t.b.d. | (source t.b.d.)
  • Yearly or punctual “big” cash tournaments | Target date: t.b.d. | (source t.b.d.)
  • Cosmic Coins (rewards from match win on the ladder that are used in a special store) | Target date t.d.b. (source 2017-02)
  • Double Back (additional card info) | Target date: t.b.d. | (source 2017-09-15)
  • Achievements (with rewards attached to them) | Target date: t.b.d. | (source 2017-09-15)
  • PVE features (confirmed in development)


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