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There will be four types of lists; “NewPlayer“, “Budget“, “Casual” and “Farming Tx

  • All “New Player” lists are created to help new player get a more powerful start when first getting into the game. They must only contain common and uncommon cards and equipment. Exception for rare equipment can be made but only if it is easy to (drops coming from the Campaign).
  • All “Budget” lists must have an overall value less than 1000 platinum (AH price as per tcgbrowser evaluation at the time of creation)
  • All “Casual” lists are interesting and fun lists that doesn’t qualify for being “Budget” or “New Player”.
  • All “Farming” lists are intended to be used to repeatedly clear the same content, they all come with a Tx qualifier that shows the average turn on which it wins. Before adding their turn qualifier, we will be testing them to make sure they live up to their advertised speed! Average turn will be identified as the turn that got the most wins out of 4 runs of Great Machine Graveyard (short route, no Robot upgrades).
    • We will not be using time to qualify these lists since time can greatly vary depending on your computer setup and which game options are used.
    • Also keep in mind that Turn win is just a general guideline. Some decks may be a turn slower than others, yet be quicker to play and therefore making you clear the content faster. Always gather your own data before deciding which deck to run if you are serious about farming.

Lists also will have submitted date so be careful about investing in an older list before testing it. We will do our best to make sure all lists are current but the sheer number of lists to track makes it difficult to be always up to date. Please let us know if you find any lists that needs to be updated or removed.

How to submit a list

  • new process will be implemented shortly.