Siege Attack Breakdown – Dark Verdict

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Format: Siege








The Dark Verdict deck aims at putting a decent amount of pressure while handling the widest range of defense types. It sports some of the best point removal in the game with a decent amount of card draw and powerful game winning threats. It should do fine against most troop based decks. Against control or other non-troop based decks, the accumulation of Verdict triggers should provide an additional edge in dealing with problematic constants and artifacts.

Play Patterns

General notes

With Siege mode not released yet it is a bit early to describe play patterns. As soon as the mode is out we will be updating the decklist with relevant information for Siege.

Deck modifications

Card replacement

Sadly, most of the very expensive cards in the build are expensive because of their strenght which will likely be very needed for attackers. If you are searching for a more budget friendly attacker deck, it would likely be best that you look into another archetype.

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