MyHotStream Weekly – #8

Submitted by: MyHotStream
Format: Campaign playthrough

So close to finishing the ship quests, and the end of the Great Machine Graveyard dungeon.

Suction cups…nerfing my cheap, fast, *weak* deck.  Progressively weaker with ever -1/0.  Almost forgot to keep the suction counters down with the canons.  Slow but steady damage won me the game.

Fighting the remnants of Brutecrown Bluff, we have a two-boss battle sadly not simultaneous but still interesting.  Unfortunately the mechanics in this dungeon are just not up to snuff with the players’ decks and fold pretty easily.  Little challenge overall.

Finally the end of the rubbish tip that is the Great Machine Graveyard.  Scutt looks cool and his multi-phase mechanics look daunting.  Mega-Bot 8000 comes in handy here with his mass AoE and invulnerability powers.  If I had used him properly I might have even won the first try.  Second go and I’m protecting my troops from the boss’ AoE.  Gnolls and artifacts a’plenty, evasion and defensive plays wins it for me with an assist from Living Totem at the end.  Lacklustre to the end, I feel they just rushed the whole experience.  I liked the story elements, and they should have really made that front and center here.  Almost every fight is limited to the same artifacts and gnolls with little variation.  Again, a missed opportunity for something more engaging and appealing.  Hate to leave it on a sour note.  Next week we’ll be finishing off AZ2 and checking out the optional fights afterwards, catch you then.

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