MyHotStream Weekly – #7

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Format: Campaign playthrough

So much to do, so much catching up!  Here are my 7th week’s video diaries!

Getting to the end of the sea, more deck changes, ship talent builds start to become important near the end as well.  Human inspire deck, either remove the inspires or use evasion to win.  Mystic Naturalist showed up, what a strong card and with Flight & Steadfast to boot!  Didn’t realize it at the time but Steadfast counters Diligence!  Still, a flyer blocking mine couldn’t not be allowed.  Phoenix Guard Trainer tries to do the same, luckily never triggers, gets blow out of the sky.  Inferno Goliath for the finish.

One of the few strategic fights where tactical attacks, blocks and targeted direct damage become key to breaking the boss’s stalemate & invincibility mode.  It took me a while to remember the fight (you definitely don’t want evasion here) and thanks to Adaptatron I had some tricks to play.  Swiftstrike is definitely an MVP here.  Canons also instrumental in helping clear the board as well.

Back in the junkyard, with one of the hardest fights in the dungeon.  Having done the fight already once before (bad audio previously) it’s less of a first impressions/reaction video and more tutorial.  Which I liked a lot.  Most of the time the distance between my Underworld and Ardent videos is long enough that I’ve completely forgotten the fights so this was a nice change of pace.  Walls, lots of free removal against you, and a few mistakes on my part yet I still somehow managed to win it.  Adaptatron heals ftw!

Like before, this is another re-recording of the fight.  Quite a pushover, the boss’ mechanics make it sound much harder than it is.  That is if the boss ever played anything.  Just like the first time he does little to nothing constructive and I walk all over him.  Missed opportunity again for a potentially cool boss fight.  Really much par for the course here, let’s see if the last few fights redeem this dungeon.  Until next time!

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