MyHotStream Weekly – #6

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Format: Campaign playthrough

It was a busy week, and I completely missed my uploads for the 2nd half so let’s quickly get right into the Ardent views!

Shells, I hate shells.  Is this why so many people hate the ship combat?  Surely.  Perhaps it’s the combo of shell + the ship’s lack of self-healing?  Either way, it’s not terribly enjoyable if it’s just cannon to the face for the win.  One of the rare games where what little evasion I have connects, stuck at 3 resources for the whole game didn’t seem to matter as well.  Here’s hoping for no shell in Adventure Zone 3.

Ah yes, my 2nd attempt at the Hired Horn Scum.  A very strong AI opponent with what amounts to free board removal per turn (for small creatures) and a turn 4 wave of up to 8 pirates with speed, yeah, it’s definitely not to be underestimated.  My solution?  Spec into crew and just start with more troops to soak damage and build on for the inevitable massive wave that I’ll have to block later on.  In the end, being able to keep the damage up really made the difference and perhaps I should have just kept going to face with the canons as well for an easier faster win on hindsight.  Oh well.  That is all for this week, I’ll be back to normal next week with both Ardent and Underworld videos lined up.  Catch you next time!

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