MyHotStream Weekly – #5

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Format: Campaign playthrough

Another week, another look at Hex’s Adventure Zone 2 with our special guests Ardent Elven Ranger and Underworld Necrotic Mage!  Yeah, intros…

The Chumspike fight, take two.  I love what Hex did with this, creating an unbeatable fight initially and then giving us the chance to come back to exact our revenge.  Admiral’s “random 2 damage” ship ability is great here against my deck’s creature toughness but I managed to get through.  Later on, with the Hired Horn Scum fight, we’ll see a repeat of this ability plus many more pirates.  A quick fight in the end, it shouldn’t be too difficult to beat for most decks.

Storm is conceptually a cool fight, with some really great enemy abilities (removal & rage 1 on all elementals) and recursive elementals (Stormsprite).  As usual with this deck, lack of evasion stalls out the fight.  Luckily Adaptatron leads the defense and keeps me in the game long enough to reap the card advantage from swiftstrike.  Good game.

Loving the new deck build, lots of utility and evasion, staying on the cheap side of the mana curve with most drops at 2.  A pretty lacklustre dungeon still, very little challenge most of the time.  Then again, that could be down to the flyers and lack of good responses on the AI’s part.  Just maybe.

A choice!  Multiple choices!  I’ll be going after all those robot parts in the following weeks.  Today it’s the slag cannon and Narl.  I love Narl’s global AOE. We don’t see a lot of that in HEX thankfully but perhaps we should?  Since we’re up against the AI, it continues to sacrifice its artifacts giving my Corrupt Harvester total freedom to win the game for me.  Special mention goes out to Totem Trap.  Check out my following (abbreviated) week’s content in Issue #6!

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