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Submitted by: Wardens of Entrath
Format: Campaign








Hello dear Hexers.
The Wardens of Entrath are proud to present you with “Lonelypede”, a budget farming T3 deck. This deck is good enough to win almost ANY encounter in both Adventure Zones, with a very very few exceptions like opponents with SHELL or ARMOR, depending also on your Race/Class preference. It is a build that works similar with the well-known Lonely Xocoy builds. The advantages are that this build ignores totally the health total and if our troop dies we may put it back in our hand the next turn. The drawbacks are that we win a turn slower, though with less clicks.
For this configuration to work, we need to enable the talent that gives us a troop to start the game with. For Mages it’s “Guardian Golem”, for Rangers it’s “Chew Toy” or “Bonded for Life” and for Warriors it’s “Fortifications”.
As you have seen the decklist includes 4 mercenaries. This is because depending on the encounter we may switch Nogg Nogg with Clatterclank.(I’ll let you figure out alone which encounters) If we have a human of course we can have them all in our party.
You may have noticed that Coyotles are not included in the champions’ list. This is because their Racial Talent puts a Zodiac Blessing in our deck, meaning that we may draw that card when we Fateweave instead of The Killipede, so we go for T4. This means that our deck works, just a turn slower. The same goes for Human Ranger cause he starts also with a non-resource card in his deck.
You may also have noticed that the Cleric Class is missing. That is because Clerics (until now) do not have a talent that allows us to start with a troop in play so we can use Mobilize on it to play the Killipede on T2.

Play Patterns

Your starting hand must have a Blood Ice and a Blood Shard/Permafrost or any other Ice and Permafrost and NOT our only troop in the deck cause it will LOSE the buffs provided from the Mercs.
Turn 1: Play Ice, Fateweave and Seek for Adventure!
Turn 2: Play your second resource, put The Killipede into play, attack and TOXIFY your opponent!
Turn 3: Attack again with The Killipede. You win the game!


Tcgbrowser Link!/deck=267982

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