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The Wardens of Entrath are happy to present you with a new and hot Dead of Winter PvE spoiler! Yes, PvE!!!

Here you go…

WOW! Right? We have a new race introduced, something that is awesome by itself. Feathery daggery creatures are always cool and welcome!

First impressions?

Hmmm… Considering playability, a 4 cost 3/3 flying troop isn’t exactly something that I would be eager to drop on board, but given its effect, being able to use your opponents artillery against him is SUPER fun! Considering lore and flavour text, I just can’t be more excited. A new race that is so stealthy that you can’t even remember that you saw them, if you ever see them at all! I am really curious how they are going to tie to the existing lore, something that triggers a lot of questionmarks lorewise. My first thoughts are if they could be somehow connected to Oni, if they are autonomous and what their goals are.


Since it is a rare PvE card it will mostly definetelly going to have one or two cool equips. From the artwork I would go with a hood and a dagger. My first thought was to enable the card put any buried card in our hand, put that would be extremelly overpowered. On second thought, what if we bury resources or troops? Maybe the equip could enable the card to give us some health or deal some damage to the opponent…Or let us fateweave for each resource we bury? Or let us play the stolen ”memories” for free? Or making the card bury a couple of cards when deals combat damage? What equipment do you think could suit the card?

PvE meta?

Now, where could our new Croven friends find a home? Bury decks are the obvious solution here, but many could say that t4 for bury decks is kinda late already. Could we somehow play it faster? Mindcall and Captain’s Parrot are the first cards that come to mind. Also could the card become strong and useful in a playstyle other than mill?How can we combo the card? Share your thoughts with us…

To conclude, Croven Memorythief is without doubt a very interesting card and we still have to see the equipments to decide how much it will affect the PvE meta, but at first glance , just playing stolen actions against our opponent is good and fun by itself. I really do anticipate to see more Croven and learn more about them.

Thank you for reading,
Wardens of Entrath

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