MyHotStream Weekly – #3

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Format: Campaign playthrough

Hello to my weekly review of campaign videos from my channel.  This week is coming, a tad late, due to festivities and the like so expect the next one to follow very shortly as well!  As always we’ll start with the Ardent adventures.

We’re in the dreaded ship section of AZ2 still and for the next few weeks we’ll be pushing this little deck to its limits.  Limited evasion is really going to make it a slow go.  Lots of swiftstrike is great in the early game but normally stalls out the mid game.  Adaptatron  leads the way here with the swiftstrike/crush combo in the end but I can see plenty of situations where the slowness of the deck and the swiftstrike stalemate will make it a hard sell.

The 2nd of the Cloud Royalty, these are thematically fun decks with interesting mechanics that can get a bit repetitive.  The fact that not all of his cards are elemental really weakens the AI’s strategy.  A bit of pro-active triggering will get rid of his stormlings and then it’s just a few cards you have to worry about (water elemental, cloud elemental and storm clouds).  Since most of his cards are small it’s not too difficult to power through, that is if you can get rid of his stormling’s sacrifice effects though (tap down, 2 damage, block and draw a card).  Again Adaptatron is the MVP again and helps trivialize the fight.

So let me get something off my chest here.  It’s a junkyard, these are dogs, I get it.  It’s one massive joke.  But really, gnolls and artifacts?  I just can’t get myself to like this place.  The deeper I get in the less I like it.  Perhaps I’m missing something here.  I hope that junkyard bot nukes this dump.  More than likely it’ll be my big bad.  Either way, this fight was a bit of a slog.  As long as you can handle the early game, you’ll have no problem clearing through, especially with air power as artifacts have pretty weak air.  And that’s what I did.  A few turns of air superiority and that’s GG.

Dwarves?  Gnolls & Dwarves?  I expected dwarves to be honest but a race to collect junk?  Nice.  Obviously our decks are the junkyards and self-milling is the game.  As you drop resources, you power up the opponent as he takes the charges for himself, using recursion to have an army of artifact troops.  Conveniently I had recently changed my deck, dropping the curve down and giving me tons of cheap and powerful options to power through the early game to set up my late game with Adaptatron & Living Totem to win.  Fertile Engorger was a great suggestion from a Patreon supporter.

And that is it, as always you can catch me here or on my YouTube channel.  Feel free to drop a comment here or on YouTube and tell me what you think, any suggestions, etc.  Thanks as always and I’ll catch you next time.

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