MyHotStream Weekly – #4

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Format: Campaign playthrough

Hello and let’s get right into it!

Shells, fine with cheese, not so nice with salt.  And yeah, there’s a lot of salt to be had on the high seas in AZ2.  I mentioned how easy my deck can be stalled, here it is, the stalling in action.  Not to belittle the coolness of the fight though, shell is one thing, Polymorphic Army into a fleet of flying monsters thanks to Stratolith, is entirely another.  Correct action here, considering how I controlled the board, was just to aim for the boss.  Instead, I went for the creatures, thinking I could whittle them down and get through.  My bad.  It might have worked if it wasn’t for the Citadel of Adamanth, which just cluttered the board further.  Lessons learned.

Slow start for me and an unlucky bit of RNG for the AI.  Lots of cool mechanics with the Reality Rift and Incantation of Ascendance but luck was not in the AI’s favor and nothing much happened.  Easy win, little to see sadly.

Cool dog indeed.  Thanks, Hex.  A fight with lots of potential, the artifact recursion + Goblin Cooking Pot/Sapper’s Charge reminded me a bit of Elder Scrolls Legends rune system, punishing me for punishing my opponent.  Not too bad though.  Using lethal troops as evasion was nice.  Swiftstrike army was up as well so it was a race of evasion to get past the artifact army.  Dream Spider was the MVP here and with a Dream Turtle, out of danger from a recurring Sapper’s Charge, it was GG.

My final fight of the week and yeah, it’s another swarm of artifacts, what did I expect?  Hiding behind my Adaptatron, swinging in the air for two, it didn’t look great up against a quickly growing artifact army.  Fortunately for me, the AI’s ability to turn 1/1s into random junkyard artifact upon hit really didn’t get used to optimum (or any) effect here.  A board of 17 artifacts against one Adaptatron and the boss still didn’t swing.  Flat out I really shouldn’t have survived this fight, the AI could have swung into me every round in the early game without worry.  Oh well, let’s brush this one up, again, to bad AI.  Stupid junkyard robot.  Until next time!

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