MyHotStream Weekly – #2

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Format: Campaign playthrough

Hello and welcome back to my weekly review of campaign videos from my channel.  This week we have both Ardent and Underworld campaigns and an accidental 3rd episode.  More on that in a bit.  Let’s start off with my Elven Ranger’s adventures.

What a way to start off the Ardent column, with the last boss of The Kraken’s Lair itself.  This wasn’t my first time on the kraken (check out my Necrotic Mage here) and Sting, my bumble bee pet stole the show as usual.  On review, I could have done much better early on preventing the elementals from reproducing at the cost of letting the tentacle hit me, which is easily remedied later on in the fight.  Going for the alternative win condition was the shining achievement of this attempt, it’s too bad there wasn’t a special item or alternate dialogue after to reward you with.

Onto the ships we go, minus our ranger pet, probably the single most difficult part of this for my deck.  I’m still quite swiftstrike heavy but none of that will matter when it comes to shell.  You really benefit from having some evasion against Hardshell units, they’re practically walls that strike back, with hero abilities that summon more.  My first attempt at this fight was a one-sided affair, mana screw affecting me, while my opponent suffers the same here.  Not much to see here, RNG goes the victor.  Check out my Necrotic video here.

A wall of text slowly crushes down on you, what would you do?  Make units, that’s what I did and the fight progressively got easier.  Not without a lot of trepidation and some early setbacks, it’s an interesting fight just like those before it.  Mechanics + actions, the slow, steady removal of creatures, it really does feel like a wall trap.  A relatively weak one though.  I can only add that it should have had more of a timer to it, a bigger, mass AoE removal, board resetting.  Much like the final boss fight in the Tomb of the Rose Knights, the Inferno Goliath (my Necrotic and Ardent Videos).

The final boss of the Ruins of Kukatan definitely caught me by surprise.  Another goblin, a furthering of the story, and another ruby monstrosity, this time a construct.  A combination of fast, hard hitters and burn quickly took me down on the first try.  On my 2nd try I managed to get to phase 2, still burning however and had to top deck some lifegiving to keep it going.  In with the late Living Totem and some bad blocks by the AI later the game was over.

And here it is, the extra video this week.  I don’t normally put out a 3rd of either series but thanks to YouTube’s partial (de)monetization system, I had left the two previous videos in a state of waiting to see if they would become monetize.  Yeah, Hex videos flagged as not advertiser friendly, hard to believe but that’s YouTube these days.  With the match’s easy resource gain, Adaptatron dominated the early game very quickly and never let go.  GG.  See you all next week for the Great Machine Graveyard dungeon and some more boating action.  Oh and don’t forget to enjoy the Halloween events!

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