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Format: Campaign playthrough

Hello and welcome to my column where I’ll be showcasing the latest week of my campaign series on YouTube.  Expect to see videos with their corresponding deck builds and battle commentaries as well as any asides I have about the game itself.  Let’s call those constructive criticisms shall we.  Please keep in mind that I am playing through the campaign as a relative novice, a free to play PvE player, i.e. the target audience of what we here are trying to address with the Wardens of Entrath.

It’s interesting that I started the column with these two fights, what I like to call the Simon Says fights, based off of the popular toy of the 1980s.  A toy that was, basically, a color-based memorization game.  Like the glyph traps in the Ruins of Kukatan.  As you can see in the above video, I was completely caught off guard and had no idea what was going on.  Live video fails!  As a mechanic, it’s not bad.  Story-wise it fits the setting.  You pass the test, you skip the trap.  Luckily for me, I failed so we could see the fights.  That’s what my series is all about after all.  The reward however could be strengthened to more than simply passing the test.  Perhaps a diamond is revealed, which you get as a free threshold for the rest of the fight?

Now to the Hallway Trap fight itself.  I went into that fight with a lot of trepidation.  My deck has a lot of weak creatures, attacking leaves them even more vulnerable and if you have a slow start, you’re just going to get picked off.  And to some extent that happened.  Lots of direct damage actions from the opposing trap can also give you that feeling of multiple traps going off here and there as your troops travel through.  Eventually however either large creatures or too many creatures will neuter the trap, which makes sense stylistically.  Not a bad fight, but not too difficult in the long run with those considerations in mind.

Second trap, second fail at the runes.  I knew I wanted to fail to trigger the battle, I didn’t know that you could pass the test and still trigger the trap.  Oh well.  The Mindwarp Trap didn’t seem to play as expected.  A major mechanic, Slipping Mind, simply never triggered.  This would have quickly thinned my deck and made his Shattered Psyche ability that much harder to work around.  Instead it was pretty much a walk in the park, with little opposition.  Circles of Preservation, which should be used as a response to your opponent’s attackers, was played by the AI incorrectly repeatedly.  The only trap I seem to have triggered here was one the developers have fallen into and yet to fix themselves.  Points for more simon says and the trap mechanic, the experimental mechanic however still needs work.

And that’s that.  In the future I will also have my Ardent campaign videos up for viewing and commentary.  This week I wasn’t able to do them due to the missing Mercenary party bonus bug (which seems to have been stealth fixed while no one was looking).  As I come to the end of the current Necrotic and Ardent campaign series I’ll be shifting over to race/class combos and dungeon-only series until the next Adventure Zone arrives.  Thank you very much for watching (and reading) and I’ll catch you next time.

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