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Submitted by: Wardens of Entrath
Format: Frost Ring Arena









Cheating Bride is a very consistent deck that will let you win versus every FRA encounters barring any extremes from the Elites. Your main goal is to get ahead and staying ahead. To accomplish that, you will use a variety of one drop troops while securing your position with Mawstorm and the very powerful combination of Succumb To Madness into Culmination of Blood. One of the main aspect of this list is that you will be “cheating” the cost of most cards you will be playing, hence the name!

Play Patterns

One drop prioirity list

With so many one drops to chose from, you will often be presented with multiple lines of play for your first few turns. Against aggressive decks or if you know you will have a slow start, prioritizing Fertile Engorger is likely the best plan of action. If you have Succumb To Madness in your starting hand, try getting Graven Geist out before you play it for maximum value. In general, getting Sneakblade of the Milky Eye early is usually the quickest way to victory.

Succumb to Madness targets

Although we encourage you to follow what you feel is right when playing, here is a general guideline on what you should prioritize when playing Succumb To Madness. If you already have the top priority cards in hand or can’t find it in the remaining cards in deck, go for the next card in the list!

  1. Culmination of Blood
  2. Mawstorm
  3. Graven Geist
  4. Whatever you like! You likely won the game already!

Deck modifications

Card replacement

The core of this deck is really strong. The one drop package along with Culmination of Blood and Mawstorm is going to be enough to carry you over most encounters, but you will be struggling a bit more against the most punishing Elites. If you do not have the Bride of the Damned we suggest to replace them with a set of Naive Lackey changing the champion to Therroz. That way, you trade the ability to stabilize for a better offence which should be more than enough to get you clearing the Frost Ring Arena in no time. Lastly, if you do not have access to Succumb To Madness, an easy replacement would be Spectral Acorn.

Alternate build, submitted by Verdant

Verdant also tested an alternate configuration that worked very well. It does significantly change the play patterns but it is on par in terms of power level. To play Verdant’s variant, change the following:





Full video review

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